With the belief that mini projectors would become a major part of in-house audio-visual entertainment, Bonitor was incorporated in 2009 to produce fine mini projectors targeting mass customers.
As a matter of fact, mini projectors are nothing new for industry insiders. The idea of mini projection was formulated in 2005 after the launch of the first beta mini projector by Texas Instrument. However, it did take some years for the development of this new idea and it is until the end of 2008 that some mini projectors for family use were brought into the market. However most of these mini projectors were still expensive and do not meet the standards of ordinary customers.
Bonitor was incorporated in 2009 but its R&D team has been working in the projection field and the related high-tech industries for many years. With distintive knowledge in this industry and relevant manufacturing facilities, Bonitor is able to produce high quality mini projectors and control its cost at the same time.
Bonitor aims at delivering the best mini projecting experience to consumers. Thus Bonitor is so much concerned on product function, design, distribution and tailor-made personal settings. In the coming years, Bonitor is going launch more models with upgraded functions available at lower prices. Bonitor changes your perception of projecting entertainment. It will be your best choice for mini projectors.