Bonitor MP201 Black

Bonitor MP201 Black

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Bonitor - world’s first brand focusing on portable mini projector


Bonitor is the world’s first brand focusing on portable mini projector. Bonitor aims at delivering the best mini projecting experience to consumers thus it is so much concerned on product function, design, distribution and tailor-made personal settings. In the coming years, Bonitor is going launch more models with upgraded functions available at lower prices. Bonitor changes your perception of projecting entertainment. It will be your best choice for mini projectors.


MP201 -  designed for devices with video output capability


Bonitor MP201 is a portable mini projector powered by both long-life rechargeable li-ion battery and dc power. It works with most of the devices with video output capability to project videos anywhere. Typical examples are game consoles, dvd and blueray disc player, mobile phone and portable media player.


Portable Mini Size : MP201 is a truly portable mini projector in the market. With its built-in li-ion battery, it weighs no more than 160 grams and is just 18mm thin, as small as a mobile phone. Mini projector MP201 does not require complicated setup, just plays and play. One mini projector can suit all your needs in different scenerios.


30,000 Hours Lamp Life : With replacement costs at up to 50% of the projector price, lamp life is an important deciding factor in purchasing projectors. MP201 has 30,000 hours lamp life under normal operation, compared with 2,000 hours in traditional projectors. Given that a typical projector is operated 6 hours per day, for every 10 months lamp replacement will take place. With the same level of usage, MP201 can last for 14 years without replacement.


Impressive Compatibility : MP201 works with many devices around you. A short list of examples will include Playstation, PSP, Wii, XBox, DVD player, Blueray disk player, mobile phones, portable media players, camcorder, iPhone, iPod and more as long as the device has AV / TV output function. MP201 can further connect with computer with S-Video and VGA cables.


DC / Built-in Power Supply : Bonitor MP201 is built-in with a Varta 2500mAh li-ion battery imported from Germany. This piece of battery is designed for Bonitor MP201 to better meet the safety requirement. This piece of battery is rechargeable and allows more than 2 hours continuous projection. The promising Varta battery makes MP201 the most reliable portable projector in the market.


Display Technology


Native Resolution

640 x 480 pixels

Aspect Ratio

4 : 3


15 lumens

Throw Ratio


Projection Distance

195 mm - infinite

Image Size

124.5 mm - infinite / 4.9” - infinite

Light Source


LED Lifetime

>30,000 hours


Composite Video, DC Power

Input Signal


Refresh Rate

50 Hz / 60 Hz

Input Resolution



60 x 113 x 18 mm


160 grams

Tripod Socket

¼" - 20

Operating Temperature

10˚ - 27˚C / 50˚ - 80˚F


Built-in stereo 0.5W / 4ohm x 2


Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7v - 2500mAh

Battery Life

>2 hours


Complete User Guide


  • why do you not to send to russia?! i no see russia when buy!

  • I bought this projector a month ago and have to say that I am extremely impressed by it. The picture quality is superb and the unit can be focussed so that you gain a very clear image. The sound is a big let down, you cant adjust the volume! but I recommend using it through an external source, then you can adjust the sound.

  • i bought this bonitor mp201 because it came with bundle of cables. i was aiming at turning my sitting room to a home theatre with a dvd player, so i would probably need to have a few cables and connector. mp201 comes with everything i need, i can put the projector 6 metres away from my dvd player. great marketing, understand the needs of a consumer, here i give 5 stars for your accessory bundle!

  • i have done an intensive reasearch before making my decision to buy a micro projector. i finally chose bonitor mp201 but i am still upset with the quality of projection. given at this quality i think all producers should not launch it to the market! it is not a mature product at all!

  • This home projection system was quite costly to buy. This was my first ever projector and i am not tech minded so i had no idea what i was looking for - all i wanted was something that could project to a cinema size standard. When it arrived i was impressed with its size, just a bit bigger than my old nokia phone. It was also really easy to set up, literally plugged it in and inserted a DVD.

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